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Hello, my name is Caren Jones.


I enjoy spicy food, science fiction, hammering out early 2000s bangers on my ukulele, and I can do an impressive Chewbacca impression.


I became interested in visual art through my love for illustration and was encouraged to explore graphic design as a career path. I graduated May 2019 with my BFA from the University of Florida’s competitive design program emphasizing concept driven work and flexible design systems. I enjoy using illustration in my designs when it suits the project, but since studying the field, I’ve also gained a love and appreciation for typography, web design, and writing.

I have many creative interests, and I push myself to learn something new every day. This allows me to take on a challenging project with unfamiliar concepts and leverage research and communication to find the best solution.


Since graduating, I have been working as a junior designer at Brand Story Experts where I work with a fantastic multidisciplinary team to develop and uphold brand graphics and standards, create engaging print and web designs, and participate in training and brand culture involvement.


You can find me at Michael’s gazing longingly at the embroidery floss. But if you really do want to contact me, it might be easier to just send me an email at

Hello, my name is Caren Jones. 

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