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No Signal

Panic! At the Disco

Retrospective Tour Branding I 2019

In my research, I learned about Brendon Urie’s personal journey and rise to fame in the music industry, his struggle with anxiety and living with ADHD, and his passion for engaging with his fans. I incorporated these facets of his personality to create tour that would both identify with young adults who may feel weird or out of place as well as communicate the idea that weird doesn’t necessarily equal bad and that it is important for people to celebrate and embrace their strangeness while remaining respectful of the difficulties it may bring. 



I directed the tour at a high school/young adult demographic, and used rough collage, tape labels, scribbles, doodles, and haphazard handwritten type. The white scribble in the place of Brendon Urie's head represents his anxiety, and the doodles are taken from different eras of the band and of Urie’s own life. 

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